Front child seat


Introducing our Front Child Seat for rent, a perfect solution for parents who love to cycle! This sturdy, safe, and comfortable child seat can be easily attached to the front of your bicycle, allowing your little one to enjoy the ride with you. Its compact design doesn't compromise on safety, featuring a fully adjustable 3-point harness and foot straps to keep your child secure. With its cushioned seat and backrest, your child will enjoy a comfortable ride, whether it's a quick trip around the block or a longer adventure. The front child seat is designed for children aged 9 months to 3 years and can hold a maximum weight of 15 kg. Renting our front child seat is a cost-effective way to introduce your child to the joy of cycling without the commitment of purchasing. It's cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after each use, ensuring it's safe and ready for your next outing. With our front child seat, your little one will be at the heart of the action, making every bike ride an exciting adventure!

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